Schackfyran in English

Schackfyran (The Chess Four) is the competition where everyone is valuable. It is also the largest chess competition in the world where as many as 25 000 fourth graders from over 1 000 classes compete each year. Since the start in 1978, Schackfyran has taught over half a million 10-year-old students how to play chess!

 Although it is fun and exciting to compete, Schackfyran is as much a social project. Everyone in the class contributes to the results, so it is important to have as many of the students as possible to participate. The core of the competition’s values is that everyone is important. It should never be an advantage that a child does not participate. Those who want to strengthen the feeling of collectiveness in the class will find Schackfyran to be the perfect activity.

What is Schackfyran?

Schackfyran is a nation-wide chess competition for fourth graders. It is more important for the class to have as many students as possible from the class than a few good chess players.

How does it work?

Schackfyran starts in the spring with instructors from clubs and districts coming out to grade four classes around the country. We teach you the chess foundations and tell you more about Schackfyran. All classes that we visit will get five chess sets, regardless if you decide to join the competition or not.

How do you enroll in the competition?

Different districts have different routines. Get in touch with your district here or make a declaration of interest which which will help you get in touch with the right people. Generally you start by applying for a class instructor.

When is the competition played?

Schackfyran is different in each and every district, but generally the class visits start during the fall and winter, followed by a district final. The highest performing teams in each district final qualify for the national final. The number of teams qualifying for each district varies depending on the number of participating classes. For more information about your district final, get in touch with your district contact.

More questions?

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Other competitions?

  • Schack56an. A competition similar to Schackfyran but for students in grade 5 and 6. This is not played in all districts.
  • Schackfyranmästaren. A competition for those who have competed in Schackfyran, where they play individually.
  • Yes2Chess. A competition for all grades except grade four where students play in teams of 5
  • We also have a few other competitions, if you are interested in getting to know more, please get in touch with us.